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To See The Sea Once Again

“Here I was at the end of America - no more land - and now there was nowhere to go but back.” ― Jack Kerouac

July 19 – After a pleasant overnight with relatives in Sams Valley, OR the journey continues, connection on US 199 at Grants Pass, OR and heading for Crescent City, CA for touch of the Pacific Ocean and taking as much time in the giant redwood trees as we can on this brief visit. The drive on 199 is a pleasant cruise through the forests of SW Oregon with roadside rivers to keep the view interesting. Unfortunately there were many construction stops that reduced the driving to one lane for which you had to wait your turn.

Just before arriving in Crescent City, CA we drove through our first view of the mighty redwoods! This was just the first look and it’s impressive.

Once in Crescent City we were reconnected with the ocean, which is always a pleasure on a sunny, completely blue-sky day. After a lunch with food vendors at a farmer’s market in the city center, we relaxed staring out to sea and enjoyed the fresh air. Back on Highway 101 we drive down the coast to Klamath where after dinner we drove to a local overlook to view our last Pacific Ocean sunset on this trip. Tomorrow it’s beginning of the return to Michigan.

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