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U.S. 12, Independence Day

We began this 4th of July greeting the sunrise overlooking the Missouri River across from Mobridge, SD. Standing next to the Sitting Bull Memorial placed us on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, and caused us to have a respectful moment about what could have been in our country’s history. Indeed, the sculpture relief of Sitting Bull’s likeness seems to show his face having a wary look to the other side of the river wondering what is next for his people. Given the events further west on Standing Rock back in the winter, it’s not too hard to imagine his thoughts. Note: see more pics from Sitting Bull’s Memorial and from the Mobridge 4th of July parade on the blog’s gallery page.

After our “sunrise service” we walked the Lewis & Clark Interprative Trail that runs just above the Missouri River in Mobridge…it is about 3.5 miles in length and this morning was just perfect…gorgeous blue sky and a nice breeze to let you for get about the heat. Although the temperature would get to over 100 this afternoon, the breeze and the lack of humidity made for a nice walk. The Missouri is so wide at this point it’s more like walking along a lake.

The aforementioned heat drove us indoors for a few hours before heading to the 4th of July parade. This parade was a perfect small town event. No big floats, no snappy bands, no shinny military outfits. This parade was a variety of motor vehicles and horse-drawn wagons manned by individuals and groups, as well as many people walking with the vehicles, that are members of the local community. My favorite entries were a bright red ’64 Chevrolet El Camino and a ’58 Edsel station wagon that was packed with balls that were tossed to the kids along the parade route

. All the people riding in and on the various vehicles tossed candy and various bling to the spectators lining the streets. The parade made it up Main Street and then lapped the city park at the end of main street, with the curbs lined with spectators sitting in personal lawn chairs. We did not have lawn chairs but were lucky enough to find a park bench available in the shade for the duration of the parade. Good luck for the visitors!

We were going to attend the Rodeo in the evening but a rain storm whipped up later in the evening and we sat tight in the Wrangler Inn where the adult beverages held our interest. Tomorrow we’ll continue our U.S. 12 adventure by traveling across most of S.D. (including a big piece of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, the SW corner of North Dakota, and ending up at Miles City, Montana tomorrow night. Crazy to think we’re just getting to the halfway point of our journey to Aberdeen.

Another note on the pictures in the gallery and other posts…many of them will be taken by my partner Mary and eventually those pics will be labeled with her name.

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