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I am intrigued with traveling to (and sometimes working in) locations that are very different that where I usually have lived.  This wanderlust has taken me down many roads in North America and to several off-the-beaten-path roads around the world.  Wild Road Pictures is dedicated to always seeking the wild road

Having over 30 years experience in planning and executing media and arts projects that include settings in collaboration with diverse cultures, individuals, and organizations throughout the U.S. and around the world, I have developed a strong need to explore what’s different.  These settings have included the office of a college president in India, the front porch of a village headman in Malawi, rural municipalities in the American West, and urban-based projects in downtown Detroit and Brooklyn, New York.  Through these projects I have created informational and promotional messages and events that covered varied subjects such as the environment, HIV/AIDS, malaria prevention, nursing education, economic development opportunities, and art exhibits.  


A side benefit of this kind of working travel, especially in settings outside the U.S. has been to develop a keen sense of being appropriately respectful in sensitive situations and the ability to adapt in changing circumstances.  After all, when you’re on the other side of the world you usually only have one chance to do what needs to be done…you can’t go back next week for a second chance.


Through travels along the wild roads I am not only admiring the scenery but also exploring potential opportunities to collaborate with other creative individuals and organizations while creating events and stories that promote the good work that people do for other human beings.

In recent years close to home I have developed two arts events of which I am proud.  In 2011 and 2012, my associate Steve Purdy and I co-curated Detroit Knows Cars, an automobile-themed fine art exhibit in two separate locations in downtown Detroit.  Open to the public for free viewing, these exhibits displayed impressive examples of automobile art -- including painting, photography, and sculpture -- created by highly regarded artists living in the Detroit metro area.


Beginning in 2012 I created the YPSI 24-Hour Film Shootout, a filmmaking contest for the filmmakers of Southeast Michigan to create a short film in 24 hours and share it at a community screening that brings together filmmakers and film lovers while cross promoting artisans of many disciplines.  The primary purpose of this competition was to present an opportunity for filmmakers to develop their craft by completing a project in a short timeframe and to share their work with an audience.  The primary incentive was to compete for over $3000 prize money to the winners in each Shootout as of the 2016 event.  I will continue to explore ways to help the independent filmmakers of SE Michigan promote their talents.


As Wild Road Pictures finds an ever-changing route away from the usual, I hope you choose to come along for the ride.

Mark S Ducker

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